Regular Meetings (see calendar for schedule)


This is the monthly business meeting of the Shire. It is held at Mission Springs Restaurant & Pub at 7160 Oliver Street, Mission, B.C.

Shire Project Fest

Project Fests are where we come, work on projects, fight outdoors (weather & attendance permitting), talk about upcoming events, and just plain spend non-event, non-meeting time hanging out, getting our geek on, and socializing. It is held typically every month or two on a Saturday and includes a potluck in the evening. Contact the Seneschal for location.

Annual Events

Lionsdale has three annual events (in addition to often having the honor of hosting Principality events). Details about each can be found on the An Tir Events page: org/Upcoming/index.php.

Winter’s Tourney (February)

Winter’s Tourney is our first event of the year; it is an indoor event where we have our rapier, arts and sciences and or bardic competitions. There is also a large Heavy Prize tourney, and a potluck feast.

Lionsdale Champions (June or July)

Lionsdale Champions Tourney is the event is where we witness the making of our new Champions in Armored Combat, Target Archery, Combat Archery, Rapier, Arts and Sciences and Bardic.

Odin’s Playground (September)

This is a Norse-themed event focusing on games – think Highland Games, only Norse. This fun event encourages everyone to have fun and get their Norse on.

Are you interested in running an event, or helping out with one? Contact the Seneschal or come talk to us at our monthly Council Meetings.