"The Middle Ages as they should have been."

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Medieval Re-creation in the Fraser Valley! If you are interested in archery, medieval arts and sciences, calligraphy, re-creating medieval armoured combat, heraldry, rapier combat, bardic and minstrels, medieval dance, or anything that relates to pre-1600, and you live in the Fraser Valley, then the Shire of Lionsdale is the place for you!

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The Shire of Lionsdale is a family friendly organization that includes people who do everything from weaving to fencing, from baking to archery.

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Becoming a Member

While it is not necessary to purchase a SCA membership to participate in Lionsdale, membership does offer some benefits! Benefits include discounted entry fees at most events, access to SCA publications, as well as being able to compete in high level tournaments and become an officer.

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