About Community Practices

Do you or someone you know want to dip their toes into the SCA and what we do here at Lionsdale? Or maybe you want to take up another one of the lovely skills we teach to enrich your own experience? Our community practice is just the thing for you then!

Unlike the majority of the other Shires and Baronies, Lionsdale practices celebrates more than your armored combat like heavy and rapier. We also offer a space to entertain yourself and learn new skills including, but not limited to, thrown weapons, archery, and arts & sciences such as scribal painting, while also hosting the occasional class like period dance or colour theory which you can use in your own everyday life outside of the world of the Shire.

Our practice welcomes everyone from all walks of life and different experience levels which makes them the perfect bi-monthly fun excursion for the whole family

Hosted on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at Atchleitz Hall located at 6524 Lickman Road in Chilliwack BC

We only ask for a drop-in fee of $5 for attendees who are 18 and older, your little lords and ladies get to participate for free!

Upcoming Classes


Upcoming Dates

July 28th, 2022

August 11th, 2022, August 25th, 2022

September 8th, 2022, September 22nd, 2022